Monday, April 8, 2019

Inspirational Message #authorrachelkaplan #bekind #believe

The world we are living in is now very scary but it doesn’t have to be.  First of all climate change is happening.  It is effecting the weather and some animals are being effected,  mostly polar bears and penguins.  We can all help by learning what we can  do about climate change to make this world a safer place to live.

 Second is all the hatred, and especially the Holocaust.  This is very important to me. A lot of people do not think the Holocaust did  happened. We need to explain to other people it happened  and it should have never happened.  I believe it happened because of hate and fear of other people. We should  learn to not hate and fear other people. We should educate  people on this so we can make this world a happier place to live.

My  favorite quote from Ann Frank is “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart”.  I still believe that.  What we all need to learn is to be kind to others  and not live in fear.

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