Monday, April 1, 2019

Life With Smokey #authorrachelkaplan #theadventuresofsmokey #rescue #bestfriend

Smokey is my rescue dog and star of the book I wrote, "The Adventures of Smokey". I had anxiety all my life.  I alway wanted a dog to keep me company and always be there for me whenever I needed him. So one day I decided to rescue a dog.  His name is Smokey.  He is my best friend in the whole world. Whenever I am having a bad day or my anxiety is bad he keeps me company and makes me feel happy.  When I do have anxiety I pick up Smokey or I sit down with him.  I watch a movie with him and I also play guitar. 

Having anxiety sometimes is really stressful.  I learned to accept having anxiety. I may not like having it but it is apart of me. Some people may or may not understand, and it is ok.  So, don't let having anxiety define who you are. I am so happy to have Smokey and play guitar and this has changed my life. 

I am now not ashamed I have anxiety. It is something I learned to live with.  It makes me unique and who I am today. So if you do have anxiety, do not let it define who you are.  It is just apart of you. And know you are not alone.

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