Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Living with anxiety #authorrachelkaplan #anxiety #livingwithanxiety

This is my own story of living with with anxiety.  All of my life I had anxiety.  I never really understood that I had anxiety until I was much older.  Living with anxiety is sometimes hard.

When I was in school I always felt embarrassed.  I always wanted to go home early from school because I had so much anxiety that I could not focus. After school ended for me I noticed I was having a lot more anxiety.  It is some times really hard to go out places. Sometimes I can not go to places.

I have a few friends that do understand what I go through day to day. I get tired real easily. I used to feel embarrassed to tell people my story and what I go through from time to time.  Now I really don’t care some people may understand or they may not.

That is why I like to go to Disneyland because I always could be myself .  Having  anxiety may be a pain sometimes,  but that is what made me who I am.  I know with great friends beside me, my family and my dog that I’m not alone with this. For this I feel truly blessed.

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