Friday, May 17, 2019

HAVING ANXIETY ON VACATION #authorrachelkaplan #anxiety #anxietyonvacation

Going to Disneyland can be really fun and exciting.   I love going to Disneyland. Going  to Disneyland is so magical and exciting.  But sometimes whenever I go I have anxiety.  For me whenever I have some anxiety at Disneyland it is a struggle for me.

It is annoying going through anxiety while you’re at the happiest place on earth.  It like I want to have fun at Disneyland but sometimes I can’t because I’m so focused on my anxiety. I found ways that calm me down whenever I have anxiety here.

Going  on some of the Disney rides calms me down. Seeing the Disney characters calms me down as well.  Shopping also helps me focus on other things.  Having anxiety at Disneyland is annoying and I really, really, don’t like it.

But, I’m not going to stop going to Disneyland and doing things I like just because I have anxiety.  Yes, it is a struggle to go to Disneyland on vacation, but I  work to have fun at the happiest place on earth.

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