Monday, April 22, 2019

Magical Disneyland. #authorrachelkaplan #disneyland #magical #happiestplaceonearth

What I like to do at Disneyland: Whenever I go to Disneyland and I am walking through the gate to Disneyland it still feels magical to me.  Every time I go I always have to see Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and while I always sit by Sleeping Beauty’s Castle I always am eating a churro in one hand while I enjoy looking at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

  Sometimes I get the delicious pickles.  I finally tried the Mickey soft  pretzel which is so good.  I also tried the giant Mickey Mouse cookie which I love.  I also love the chocolate covered  Mickey pretzels and I always get the Disney chocolate coins.  But, what I really love is the popcorn.

  I always go on the rides.  My favorite rides are The Little Mermaid,  Monster, inc and Winnie the Pooh. I love going shopping at Disneyland and I love watching the parades. But, most of all,  I like seeing all the characters and spending time with them.

 The best part is I could always be myself.  Yes, I do have to go home,  but whenever  I come back to Disneyland all the characters are always happy to see me.  I love going back to the most happiest place on Earth.

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