Thursday, May 30, 2019

The struggle of dyslexia #dyslexia #authorrachelkaplan #reading

The struggle of having dyslexia in my life:  When I was little my parents could not understand why I had not learned to read yet.  I also could not understand why so many of my friends could read but I couldn’t. My parents took me to so many appointments to figure out why I was having problems.

No one could figure how I could learn to read.  When I was in school it was so frustrating that I could not read a book.  I wanted to spend every summer with my friends and have fun but I had to go to summer reading programs to try to learn to read.  I did not understand why I had to go. I wanted to hang out with my friends in the summer, but I couldn’t.

Finally, I was diagnosed with dyslexia.  I was so happy I finally knew why I couldn’t read.  School was so hard for me because I did not want my friends to know.  I was scared they would treat me differently.  I always pretended to read so my friends would never find out.  When my friends found out, some treated me differently and some did not care.

Still having dyslexia is a struggle. I know I have to work twice as hard.  I may not like having dyslexia, but having dyslexia makes me who I am and I would not have it any other way.

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