Tuesday, May 14, 2019

WHO I AM #authorrachelkaplan

This blog is going to about what I like to do and about me.  I really love watching Disney movies, mainly the old cartoon classic movies.  But I do like some of the Disney remakes. I love musicals, not all of them but most of them.

I love visiting Disneyland, every year for my birthday.  I always loved Disneyland ever since I was little.   I love the magical atmosphere and that it bring the stories to life.  It is like you are in the stories. 

 I love music.  I am always listening to music.  For me, music is relaxing especially when I get to listen to music while playing my guitar.  

I love reading books.  I am really happy I learned to read because i would have never realized that I love reading books. For me reading books takes you to different worlds and opens up your imagination.  It allows you to make up your own story.

I love watching tv. I do not watch tv that much, but try to get a chance.  I also love hanging out with my friends whenever I have a chance.  I love being myself around them.   I also love spending time with my wonderful dog, Smokey.  He loves when I read to him and play with him.  He is my best buddy.

I love writing books and being a inspiration to people.  Well, that sums things up about me.

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